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    dancing badly, playing with little toy soliders, misunderstanding history, desparately trying to have a sembalance of a social life, but failing miserably, watching my kid grow, and apparently these forums...
  1. DGN Coffee house...

    there are no ghouls here...
  2. DGN Coffee house...

    chamber of farts!
  3. DGN Night Aftermath - Jan. 24th

    i saw msterbeau. i felt his bag too. :lol: i went with my GF and industrialgirl2000. we danced ourselves silly and then went home and ate pizza! marc, its always a pleasure! :o i think i still have your handprint on my ass.
  4. DGN Coffee house...

    saucy im eating in a needle tonight!
  5. DGN Coffee house...

    with barley yeast and hops!
  6. what are you doing right now?

    in niagara falls canada, with a view of the falls from the top of the mariott. got work project tomorow though. :( still, its a GREAT view.
  7. Fav pic of yourself

  8. Fav pic of yourself

    then the answer is yes.
  9. What Song Is Stuck In Your Head Right Now?

    To Gods as lost, Gods as blind, Gods of suffering and pain
  10. Fav pic of yourself

    could you smell it all the way over here?