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  1. I'm single and had to repeat myself to the same person "I said no, I meant no". Told the guy "dont get your hopes up" and he still tried to say "I say we're dating now!" Um, no. That's a decision made by two people and I told you already it wasnt going to happen. Disappointed you are. Care I do not.
  2. I'm going to chime in here with some advice and a small rant... The word "Compromise" is a BAD word. It's among the ultimate tools to sabotage a relationship. When you compromise something to be in a relationship, it begins a downward spiral that eventually destroys the relationship. I compromised a lot of myself in my longest relationship and it was all to his whim, not mine. There were many things I couldnt do because I compromised who I was, what I was and what I wanted to do. All because of his insecurities and his limitations. I sacrificed, compromised, a lot over the course of 2 1/2 years and when I realized that I no longer had to, I felt damn free. What you need to find is the gentle medium. It's different than a compromise. When I've seen compromises, someone's getting what they want while the other is left with less than nothing. A gentle medium means you both have found something you BOTH can and do agree on. Best example I can give you wasnt relationship-oriented but the lesson's the same: When I started dressing differently and catering to the alternative style, my mom flipped while my dad gave me a listening ear. He did make mention of his disapproval of some of the things I wore as they werent appropriate for family functions. However, in due time, sure I'd wear jeans but if the jeans were long, I wore my platforms. I was still wearing boots but wearing clothing that, while they were more appropriate for family get-togethers, they were still on my terms. That's the same with a relationship. You find what works for the both of you. Never someone getting their way while the other's left with zilch. A relationship wont work if you have to compromise a part of who you are, just to be with someone. The more you compromise, the more they have you under control (in the bad way). If you compromise something now, they'll make you keep doing it just to see how far they can go. Dont fall for it.
  3. Single as of the 17th. We're still friends though and that's fine by the both of us. I'm actually enjoying my freedom.
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  7. Fav pic of yourself

    Taken last Friday. Was practicing with my bendy tripod. o.o
  8. I dont do a lot of online shopping but I did buy two pairs of boots from Pennangalan.co.uk. Total amount spent was around $380. I prefer to know how it fits before I buy it... rarely will I take the risk.
  9. Our Piercings

    What piercings do you currently have? I have six piercings in my left ear: 3 cartilage (all 14g), 1 conch (10g) and 2 lobes (0g in 2nd hole, 5/8" in first hole). 3 piercings in my right ear: matching lobe piercings and one random cartilage piercing, at a 10g. I also have my labret pierced, at a 14g. What piercings do you no longer have? Why? I used to have surface piercings in my upper back but my hair was long and kept snagging on the jewelry so I had the PTFE barbells removed. Are there any that you plan to get in the future? And why haven't you gone out to do that yet? Nah. I'm pretty content with my array of metal adornments. If I wanted any more, I'd just get my surface piercings redone. It isnt a priority though and I dont have the money. I've more important things to worry about than my next poke mod. Are there any piercings that intrigue you but feel you cannot have done (impossible, not if you want to keep your job, or just bloody unlikely)? Not so much that intrigue me really. I usually just go "Hey, that looks cute on you!" if the piercing goes with the person's anatomy (facial, durr) but I cant think of any piercings that make me super curious. What are the inspirations behind the piercings we have, choose to get, or yearn for with all our soppy hearts? I've found the labret to be a rather flattering piercing if the jewelry is proper for the person's face. If the ball on the end of the labret is too big, it either looks trashy or too distracting from their features. With proper jewelry, the piercing itself can accent their features (add to a natural pout, etc). Are there any epic stories of note involving the process or aftermath of a piercing that you would like to share with the other children? When I got my cartilage pierced at a 10g (right ear), it was the first time I heard my cartilage make the crunching noise and I let off a good several F-bombs when I heard the noise. That didnt deter me from getting my conch pierced but I dont have a good story about that piercing. I specifically asked the piercer (and owner of the now-defunct shop) to pierce me one way, and he pierces me a different way... one that caused an immense amount of swelling. I knew that because the piercing was going to be bigger than normal, of course my ear is going to bleed and of course it's going to swell something fierce. So pierce me at a 10g and put 12g jewelry in the whole... more room for swelling. Instead, I was pierced at a 9g and had 10g jewelry put through the hole. I couldnt rotate my jewelry for almost a week. It healed fine but apparently keloided slightly. When the piercer pointed that out, I nearly said "Oh yeah, about that... had you did what I told you to do, it probably wouldnt have happened." What fashion of jewelry do you commonly use in said holes? Are there any particular favourites? I wear a plug for each 5/8" piercing, and steel tribal earrings for my 0g holes. The 3 cartilage piercings in my left ear have labret studs in them, my conch has a horseshoe barbell. The 10g cartilage piercing in my right ear has a ball-less captive-bead hoop in it (my ears hate captive hoops when the ball is on them).
  10. Song that describes your mood right now

    "Home" by Depeche Mode
  11. Now Wearing...

    Black tank top, black skinnies, knee-high Demonia sneakters and navy-blue sweater.
  12. Your favorite boots!

    I used to have this pair and they lasted about 3 years. However the fabric started ripping so I'm debating getting another pair once finances permit: http://howcool.com/product_info.php?&cPath=25_3857_3888&products_id=5957 I want these because of their fuzziness!! http://howcool.com/product_info.php?&cPath=25_3857_3888&products_id=5916 And something I could rock with my skinny denim because I always seem to be wearing them when I go to CC lately: http://howcool.com/product_info.php?&cPath=25_3857_3888&products_id=22221
  13. Now Listening To ...

    "Sweet" by Switchblade Symphony (apoptygma berzerk remix)
  14. ^^^ I havent met you, so I wouldnt know. Other than Rockabilly poster-child (at least, I'd say so)
  15. Someone who can deal when I have my squee moments or lets me nerd out on whatever topic caught my attention. If they can either nerd out with me, or giggle when I do, we're good.