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  1. Cheers - Should be out in Jan for commercial release.
  2. I really like this band

    it has a certain something
  3. Concept 7 – “The Machinery of Control” The new album from Concept 7 – “The Machinery of Control” is now available for free download featuring their unique sounding blend of Rock, D&B, Metal and Industrial based themes. This album will be released commercially from 2015, so get your free copy below: Download now: The official videos for these tracks can be seen online at: For official info check out: Facebook: Twitter: @Conceptsevenuk Sound is no longer the synthetic power.
  4. What genre would you class this ass?

    thats what we came up with - anyone else any ideas?
  5. the Fun With Al Jourgenson thread

    Can;t go wrong with Ministry
  6. Hi, Would be interested in your comments on our latest release "The Machinery Of Control". Our influences come from the industrial/djent/metal/d+bm scene and we try and produce music that blends those styles. A bit like the way the Algorithim is sort of a crossover of differing styles. What would you class the genre as if you had to pick one? As it blends different vibes were are never quite sure how to decide on the correct filed/genre this music comes under? Cheers!