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  1. DGN Coffee house...

    ( . Y . ) *flashes on her way out the door* see ya!
  2. The Biggest Loser DGN Style

    honey.... mmmmmm i loooooove honey. i have honey every day. good thread. i hope everyone reaches their goals!
  3. What Song Is Stuck In Your Head Right Now?

    elvis - blue christmas. i set it as my ringtone last night and forgot. now i keep hearing it and still keep forgetting that i will when my phone rings. i guess that means it is not really stuck in my head after all if i keep forgetting oO
  4. How Are You Feeling?

    not quite christmas-y yet and wonder if it will ever kick in this year?
  5. we really should. our little "z"s hit it off famously ;)

  6. It was great to have you.....

    We should get the munchkins together more often :)

  7. How Are You Feeling?

    we don't need to bring any love into it
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    that's exactly how i feel and a little mixed in. but maybe not in that order.
  9. How Are You Feeling?

    i already will be rid of my kids that's why i am ready for it