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  1. a question for DGN members

    Normally, no. Yet.. they discovered these really big frogs... and the hind legs on them were HUGE... and I'm not very fond of Turkey legs... but I do love me some frog legs...
  2. My Dad Died

    Troy.. I understand. I was really close to my father before he passed also. It's a very hard thing to deal with. Talking does help. Stay strong.
  3. What do you collect?

    Skulls and interesting bones but mostly just skulls. Why? I dont know... they just fasinate me.
  4. Simple. To a conservative, actual physical evidance means something. This is seen as a problem by people not conservative. It's "whats wrong with being a conservative." and exactly on topic. We can't talk about a political view point without dicecting it a bit.
  5. Fine... I'll try to keep on one train of thought... the wmd's argument is a fine example of the differnace in Liberal and Conservative thought though.. See... Iraq had certain legal obligations to the international community after the Gulf War. Conditions of thier surrender. One of the major conditions was that they declare and destroy all WMDs. ALL of them. So, to a conservative, one even old broken down long range missle with a chemical warhead that was bever declared and destroyed is a breach of said treaty. 17 UN resolutions, 11 years of international politics and the billions spent containing Saddam so he would stop attacking all his neighbors... amounted to the creation of Bin Laden, Al Quaida, the bombing of a few embasys, the bombing of the Cole and 9/11. All because Saddam didn't want to reveal his weak hand. It was what we did after taking Saddam out that was the fuckup as far as I am concerned.
  6. One declassified government report can cover some of my claims. and one of the government websites... and phee... Crimes and Criminal Procedure - 18 USC Section 600 I can only do that with two other Presidents... Nixon and Clinton. At least from modern times... If memory serves someone else broke the law too... and got impeached. Just can't remember who it was. My point is, Presidents can do a lot of nasty shit and not actually break any laws. So when one does, they get hammered hard or as Obama is doing and Nixon failed at doing, they cover it up.
  7. btw... yes, the job offer. WE have these things called laws... they apply to Obama and his minions too.
  8. Do we count the 550 metric tons of enriched Yellow Cake Uranium we found in Iraq and then sold to Canada? How about the 500 chemical munitions that have been found? The three unmanned arial attack planes with chemical sprayers? The Long range missles with chemical warheads?
  9. Wow. and you even pushed that "lie" bullshit again in one of your other posts. You really need to look up the definition of the word Lie. Every intelligence agency in the world said Iraq had WMD's. Bush acted on the intelligence he had at the time. Thats not lieing, thats being misinformed. He also had 17 UN resolutions and a signed Ceast fire agreement that Iraq failed to hold thier end up on. Lets not forget that we chose, for political reasons, to ingore the actual WMDs that were found. (lets ignore the 400,000+ we found in mass graves too) and yes.. Bush sent troops off to die in a war you dont support... and Obama has sent children to live in tent citys and has put record numbers of Americans on food stamps. then again, if this Sestak things pans out... Obama isn't going to be President for much longer. as for Conservative bands... read what I said again... There is the message they give in thier album and song titles... and the actual words they say in the songs... but the openly conservative ones... the Misfits come to mind...Joey Ramone... The Vandals.. Bauhaus...
  10. 1. I agree with you on this one. 2. though not what I meant.. I do have to address a small point. Conservative ideals line up more with the Goth/Punk subculture than Lieberal ideals do. Thats why a very large portion of the bands we all cherish are made up of conservatives. Granted, in the last 5-10 years many of the makers of our music express Liberal/Socialist ideals... but when you ask them what they actually want.. they express Conservative ideals. I always find that rather funny. BTW, the whole concept of "What I do in my bed room is none of your business." is NOT a Liberal idea, it's a conservative idea. People tend to confuse what the "church" has done with Conservative thought. 3. This is the line of thought I was in. I would disagree with you on Obama doing a better job... see our unemployment rate, earnings figures that came out last week and his Oil leak response as proof. BTW... Did Obama know about the catastrophic floods in Tennessee and surrounding states or does he just hate white people? Oh wait, he did approve funding for releif... but only to Union Members...
  11. Yes, I do. Did you miss the news story where a bar had the Secret Service investigate them because they burned Obama in effigy?
  12. Except people appluad it when it was done to Bush and then turn around and say how wrong it is to do to Obama.