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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    How Are You Feeling? (Health and/or Emotionally)
  2. I'll be dragging my butt down there unless I'm dead. Try not to laugh to hard at my fat ass. Forgot that I used the last blank regular sized cards. So had to use the big ones.
  3. January Patreon Card That is May West circa 1926. Early womens lib supporter and an extreemly rare for the time a gay rights activist. Also impressive especally durring the most opressive era in the 20th century (prohibition) she wrote and starred in her own productions, sometimes writing, staring and directing. Her early work included sold out shows with names like 'Drag' and 'Sex' plays that sold packed houses. That is until the morality patrol complained to the cops who could countenance any fun at all and she was arrested more than once. Way ahead of her time. Doing things that would seem agressive even in modern times. On the right... well hell google Max Shreck (very early silent film pioneer) STILL can't seem to get the sparkles to sparkle in photos. Grrr. Lol
  4. January Patreon Card

    god damn, that picture looks like crap. They definitely don't look like that in real life. lol
  5. Happy New Year! Slightly early. Let's hope it was better than the last one.
  6. Can you move this topic to the Computers / Video Games forum (leave a link), pin it, star it and lock it, please? Just want to make sure your mod powers work.
  7. What do you collect?

    Hah. I have ... a lot of tarot decks, well I did. I did sell some of them as being broke sucks and a few ended up being worth more than what they meant to me. Most of them aren't worth any more than I paid for them. I have used them a few times but it's not a thing I really believe in, it's just interesting. In years past I was really into occult stuff and have a lot of books on various aspects of it. Religion/spirituality etc. is just an interesting subject for me, has been for a long time. Not that Satanism is actually spirituality or a religion (once you read into it enough it's an atheist philosophy) but the subject was interesting. I have a copy of The Satanic Bible, in German, on black pages with white text. Why? Because it just looks cool as hell.
  8. Happy NYE. (really have to click in zoom 3 times to see that picture) Surprisingly few characters I can name.
  9. What Games do you actively play? (video , tabletop, otherwise)
  10. I don't really have many , pictures were never really "a thing" for me ... well until these damn cellphone things came along (which are actually just web surfing / text messaging devices... "phone" whats that? lol) Paul (best friend at the time, still a good friend but the bastard moved away on me) and I at Graduation. (92) Me in the middle and upper left. Paul far right and the guy in the skirt. (all these pics were taken at "our" (really pauls) apartment at U of M 95 (?) ish. Paul blames me for "becoming gay" he and I used to go out and (try) to meet chicks together all through high school. Note the Blue Velvet poster on the wall behind me, hah. (pervert movie but good in case your unaware) Behind paul up on the wall are these strange things called "CDs" and even some "tapes" whatever they are. After we got out to Ann Arbor. One day I was sick of us having no friends, so I walked to a coffee shop. Kurt Cobain had just killed himself and through that subject I met Tracy and Icha. (tracy is the black girl sitting on the floor bottom left) who were lesbians, and they took me (without me knowing) to a gay club. Then, since I had that (at the time traumatic event, later, old hat) I had to drag paul at some point he let on that he was "bi" , I had NO clue. In the basement of the then called "Nectarine" they had a smaller club on gay night called "The Sludge Club" which played this strange music called "gothic" music, and its been downhill ever since.
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  12. The Gathering 93

    Imagine Gathering Card 94 picture here. I'm just too beat. They are done. I can't stay awake for longer than an hour or two and I can't fall asleep for much longer than that either. Not that sleep issues are new to me, just this is extreme and has been going on for months, it's making everything 10 times worse. Can barely function. Sleep study x2 I guess... if I can stay awake and lucid. This is scary level sleep deprivation. I tried to take a shower and fell asleep standing up and the edge of the ceramic soap holder to my face was kind enough to wake me back up. The number is wrong.... ugh. And I forgot to number them I did it all in MEGA ZOMBIE mode... I'd do them over again but right now the energy expenditure is just way, way-way too much. Just typing this is rough. Thing that really pisses me off is that I'm NOT a slacker, I hate slackers, but you wouldn't know I was busting my ass from the outside looking in.
  13. I call my family "House Spiral" as most of my blood relatives are aliens that couldn't care less about me. (Except Mom. Grandma and Gramps did, but they are gone now) But I also call my online store that I'm struggling with (so there is a difference) Plus I've always used the Umbrella Term of House Spiral to include pretty much everything I'm doing that is "public" so that would be The Gathering, DGN, DGN FB, , HouseSpiral FB, My YouTube Videos (hope to get back to them at some point, maybe even just to "remaster" the existing ones to be less amateurish) all loosely falls under the term "House Spiral". I'll probably keep my ramblings about HS here, rather than keep making new topics unless there is something in particular that seems to demand a new topic. Still looking for input on both the patreon page and house spiral itself. Feedback is something that larger companies consume like crazy and can afford to pay to get it, I, unfortunately, cannot even yet turn a profit. (but its getting better, I'm losing WAY WAY less money than I was when I started... feel like I almost know what I'm doing. Hah. Its even more complicated than I thought. You have to be part webmaster, part marketing expert, part psychologist and part slave labor to do drudge work (its not that bad but some things are so repetitive, they suggest you get VA's (virtual assistants aka someone from like india or china that will work for 2 bucks an hour to do that stuff, but that partly scares me and partly I couldn't afford it)
  14. Die Hard / Guardian Angel Shirt

    Only one is in existence at the moment.
  15. This Shirt is given to Die Hard / Guardian Angel's that support our Mission and are Patreon Patron's Here. If you would like to support our charity efforts we would invite you to have a look at our Mission Statement and then support us via Patreon. Let's make the world a better place than we found it. 5.3 oz, 100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit Seamless double-needle 7/8 inch collar Taped neck and shoulders with double-needle bottom hem Size Chart
  16. Open Discussion about A Song of Ice and Fire (AKA a Game of Thrones) Books or The Show Favorite Character? Interesting Moment that might seem minor to some but was extra cool to you? Any random news you want to share/talk about? Any other ASOIAF / GOT related stuff is fair game from Toys to Books to Games.
  17. Ongoing Discussion About Star Trek What is your favorite series? Favorite Character? Interesting Moment that might seem minor to some but was extra cool to you? Any random news you want to share/talk about? Any other ST related stuff is fair game from Toys to Books to Conventions.
  18. Ongoing Discussion About Star Wars What is your favorite movie? Favorite Character? Interesting Moment that might seem minor to some but was extra cool to you? Any random news you want to share/talk about? Any other SW related stuff is fair game from Toys to Books to Conventions.
  19. I'm so busy trying to upgrade myself that I have minimal time left. I still play Clash Royale on the phone (almost) daily but you can play a match in 4 minutes so in 15 20 minutes I'm done. I'm on and off "playing" many things would not be considered games, more like 'experiences' several different Virtual Reality things, but not regularly.... just sucks down too much time for my goals right now. But things like Google Earth in VR are amazing. You float above the whole earth and then zoom into wherever you want. You can control the sun with a swipe of your hand. The other day I was on top of the Iffel Tower looking down on paris and then zoomed right to downtown detroit (its all in 3D in any well-populated area) And there is an anatomy program that is really facinating with a body just floating right in front of you, and with a swipe of your hand you can seperate the skeletal system, the digestive system, and the muscular cystem and then grab ahold of say, the heart, slice it in half and in real-time 3D rendering watch how it works, everthing is labled with floating in the air labels like a sci fi movie. FPS games which i typically don't like are EPIC in VR, you pick up a gun and after awhile it just feels like an extension of your hand, (and the epic controllers that are now standard for oculus rift are PERFECT) you actually have to duck and hide behind things, and in the better games use real-life tactics, you actually get a workout from playing a 100% game. I had to stop playing after awhile i was still having fun, my ab muscles just couldn't' take all the crouching down and poping back up anymore. At one point I was laying down flat on the floor to hide behind the tiny bit of cover that was available. lol
  20. That website gives me hope. They carry stuff that you can only get wholesale (aka they have the money to afford it (you have to buy in bulk) were as my shoestring non existent budget is stuck going through middle-men "distributors" for lack of a better term on most things.) but the website itself is kinda half-assed, so that means my problem is not a crappy website which was my fear, but marketing, which, I know I can improve on an exponential scale. The website I can only improve by bits and pieces because its about as good as any website that is less than 6 months old has a right to be.
  21. Transforming Veritech

    That is cool. (was a huge fan for years, haven't followed it the last decade or so, not even sure if it's still a thing). I used to even play the Robotech RPG. Had a lot of the figures and such. Was bummed when I found out "Robotech Masters" and "The New Generation" wasn't originally intended to be connected since I thought the Invid were the coolest bad guys (red crab looking guys) after the Zentradi's war machine/mech things. The last I remember there was the non-transforming SDF-3 was the REF's flagship (I don't know what happened to the SDF2 its like they just skipped a number).
  22. 12 pains of Christmas

    hah awesome.
  23. The Gathering 92

    You all win a (Except its White with A Blue Circle Around it Located sort of >>>>>>>>>>> this way (its a button on your post).