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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    How Are You Feeling? (Health and/or Emotionally)
  2. What Are You Thinking?

    I wish had more energy. I don't mean right this second, I just mean in general. If I'm not straight up sick, I'm still zombie tired. Right now typing this I'm dead tired and I slept theoretically decent last night. Really sucks when you are trying to get anything done. It also makes my "just suck it up" system for dealing with feeling sick hard as hell, because when you are tired, the mental focus is for crap, and every problem seems magnified. I should have the energy to fix DGN and to put in at least 8 hours on , which if I'm lucky I squeeze out 4 before I'm too out of it to focus. I "feel" like I'm busting my ass, but the actual output is mediocre in terms of volume. Really worried if any of this healthcare cuts bullshit goes through I'm going to be in bad trouble. I need to have a legit income to pay for the expensive ass hell care that I need.
  3. The Towel - Input Requested

    After a ton of research, gofundme and Kickstarter aren't good fits for what we are trying to do. Patreon is much better, it's similar but the way it works is better. The most obvious one is you can offer incentives for people to become a patron (note the bias toward patron instead of "donor" you are donating really, but the idea is that you are WORKING for the money and it's not just a handout. Have a look, I'd appreciate the feedback. Its "done" (and it works and is life) but I don't want to show it to the world so to speak until its a bit more polished: Troy's House Spiral Patreon Page
  4. The Towel - Input Requested

    The real question other than just typos and such is like is the 'mission' clear and how it works clear. I'm trying to push the idea of gothy/alternative types helping the world be a better place, and also not to be "ashamed" of being unusual. Sure someone might only dress city-club style like every once in a blue moon but not to be "afraid" of admitting they like the gothy look/sound /whatever. It's so bad these days that like people that are TOTALLY into the "halloween" or horror movies or the "dark look" aka GOTH stuff as a summary. (real Halloween not freaking Disney Princesses... although I do like Disney princesses too lol).
  5. The Towel - Input Requested

    Sure I do, just as long as you keep making my dollars on the streets. =D
  6. Oldest Hotel In The World

    For roughly 1,300 years, the descendants of Fujiwara Mahito – all 52 generations of them – have operated the inn, which was founded in 705AD – some 300 years before the Vikings came to America and 225 years before the founding of the kingdom of England. That was the 2nd year of the Keiun era, which led to the hotel’s “Keiunkan” name.
  7. Oldest Hotel In The World

    There is another one that for a long time the west thought was the oldest in the world (also in Japan) its "only" like 1100 years old. The crazy part is the >continious operation < part.
  8. The Gathering 84

    The white symbols at the bottom right say 'house spiral' (carefully translated as I could.) The triangle is a highly stylized triple spiral (Triskelion) an adopted symbol of house spiral since forever, sometimes associated with the spirit of a wolf pack, our group spirit animal. (This is heavily associated with the Celts, but the spirals original meanings if any, are pre-date history as we know it. Like so they many things. They mean what we choose them to mean. (Could spend a lifetime researching spirals) It also looks like a triple pointed star of the words of House Spiral (another house spiral adopted symbol) I mean the points to stand for starting from the bottom left, Earth (Truth), Water (Kindness), top point - Fire (Courage). All Ideas to live by. Courage being placed slightly above the others but only there honorably if supported by truth and kindness. Not always easy to put into practice. The crossed ceremonial daqtag knives symbolizing both honor and death challenges. (Life is a struggle suck it up.) The tribal house spiral triskelion also just looks cool and reminded me of Klingons. The skull translates as 'To Be or Not to Be' from Hamlet. Google that, it doesn't get much gothy black darker than what he's contemplating in that stanza. Thus the bewildered spiral crazy eyes seemed appropriate. Interestingly the language has no 'to be' so the spirit of the translation is something like Survive or Do not Survive. Hrmm. That's a pretty good covers all the basic overlapping philosophical ideas of what we are trying to do with and <-- monthly house spiral cards incoming and membership cards.
  9. The Gathering 84

    Damn, wish u would have posted this earlier not sure if the right people will see it. *fingers crossed*
  10. The Towel - Input Requested

    Or not.
  11. Random Acts of Kindness 5.0 - Post, This Means You

    Mine is still updated regularly. Calms me down sometimes to window shop and figure out "what is it that I actually WANT (not counting good health and such like that) ... which isn't that many things once I really think about it." Well other than you know... MY GOD DAMN STORE TO BE DONE AND PROFITABLE SO I CAN GET ABOVE POVERTY lol or at least enough patreon subscribers so I can keep working (its ready to launch and works just needs some polish, Kickstarter, and gofundme aren't a good fit. Scared to death my computer is going to die before I get things going. It runs on hampster power and its been getting worse for a year, I've replaced everything that is cheap-ish and took the whole thing apart and put it back together twice. Its the motherboard, plus this POS pc is so shitty it doesn't even run the graphics editing stuff I need to update the website properly, have to use the shitty software. But, so far so good. *keeps fingers crossed*.
  12. DGN Random Acts of Kindness 5.0 Make A Wish List Post the link here! Keep it updated! Try to keep it in the 10 items range. It's hard to pick something from a list of 5000 items. No clue what you "value". Additional Info: If you go in your wishlist and in the upper right corner there is a little "email" button that is the link you want to show us. Don't forget to click on "actions" and update your shipping info. Wish List Instructions for Amazon Newbies (Suggested) Chrome Addon that lets you add items from any website to your amazon wishlist. (Any website that supports/allows it) The most common way to make wishlists is on Amazon's page here, people can buy items right off it, and they don't need your address as amazon keeps it private. Many of us are broke but when we are not we enjoy giving gifts. We all should. Even if you DON'T enjoy it , do your homework it's good for ya! On Gratitude < = On The Joy of Giving <= Happiness Increases From Giving When There’s A Social Connection <=
  13. Prozac & Other stuff

    'my prozac has a copay' hehe are you actually on prozac? The research on it is pretty dismal. The more modern SSRIs / Mood Stabilizers have better success rates. (Although everyone is different of course). ....Wait.. omg you actually watched my video yayyyyy
  14. What Are You Thinking?

    I need to keep working and get my insomnia under control, wastes so much time.
  15. What Are You Thinking?

    No around here anyway knows you as "will". So your safe! Just make sure someone that at least looks like he is a will is always around and he'll be the redshirt and not you.
  16. The Gathering 83

    And then there were 4. Damn my health.
  17. How Are You Feeling?

    Scared and not sure what to do.
  18. The Gathering 82

    Ive not been comming mostly due to being sicker than usual. But, im also concerned about the republicians never ending tries to cut medicare and medicade. Because I actually had a job, i just barely qualify for it now. I will not if the shitbags pass their cut funding for the vunerable and give it to the rich insanity. (They are not stopping we already told them no twice but they dont care, all the care about is keeping their rich doners happy) So, im burning the candle at both ends to try and come up with a real income stream. (House + GoFundMe to get startup money. Which is partly making me sick. If this 'tax reform' (2 trillion for the rich , 1.5 trillion cut to the poor) I will likely die. My heath care needs are very expensive. I have to have health care and i wont qualify if this happens. So i have to have a replacement. Hopefully it will happen fast enough.
  19. The Gathering 82

    This one is close to my heart.
  20. And now internet wide websites are virtually reqired to have a type of security called SSL. Big websites already have it, little sites like DGN dont but will now have to. 40 bucks a year (paid all at once) on average. Fuuuuuck. Just got done paying the more expensive yearly costs (including the $100+ licence fee). Still cant figure out why the donation box wont show up. Rarwwwwr.
  21. The Gathering 81

    Thoughts? (For them that might not know the little bat guy Degee is a younger stage 2 version of the stage 3 big ass dragon DeGon.)
  22. The Gathering 78

    Whaaat... no one said yay pictures??? Yay pictures.
  23. The Gathering 78

    The Gathering 78 The Red Apple Restaurant & Inn 32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184 <--- Directions via Google 7:30 Thursday, September 7th Really Big Sign Hard to miss. A casual dinner time gathering in a "Denny's like" environment. Club Attire Encouraged but not Required GLBT, Fashion Models, Cosplayers Goths, DGNers, Ex DGNers Re-Goths, Goths for a day, Horror Movie and Sci Fi (especially SW, ST, BSG and GoT ofc fans.) MTG players. Ingressers. If you dont like hugs this is the wrong place. The spiritually inclined, Science & History buffs. General weirdos. Totally normal open minded people. All welcome. Like all DGN events this is NOT particularly kid friendly*. Hope to see you there! Please invite any and all you think might be REMOTELY interested! Bring a good attitude! Please help Invite! If you want a card ask! If you really want one ask here in this topic. *like DGN itself, this is not "kid friendly". You can bring them but No F-Bombs will be held back. No sexual innuendos (or straight up sex talk) will be spared. If you can't get a sitter and your kids are not SUPER well behaved leave them in a kennel at home with food & water. This is NOT the place to post about how you're going somewhere else, or doing something else or intentionally not coming or some other BS. Thanks. That being said, Please help us get the word out! Looking forward to seeing you! If you would like one of our weekly "The Gathering" cards (Some Examples). Ask in person at The Red Apple <--- key step. *If you really want to make sure you get one. Just ask here (not in the FB page, that will be futile) and make sure you show up before me. Some time after I walk in the door and whoever has asked for a card (here) has priority. ** Cards Fine Print **If for some reason there are not enough cards to go around (There are typically only 7) 1. Ask at the gathering for a card (first come first serve, with the below exceptions) 2. If your name is not in this topic I'll hold off until someone who does have their name IS in this topic asks for a card. 3. Asking in this topic means you have priority over someone who has not, everyone that asks here (should) get one before someone who has not. 4. I'll hold one for Permanent Benefactors until it's clear they aren't coming if they've asked here. (If you are unsure what this is don't worry about it or have a look here) 5. If you've asked here, just ask at the gathering and you should get a card with no problem. 6. The order in which you ask here is vaguely "sooner you ask the higher priority" but is very hard to keep track of. If you wait until less than 24 hours before the event you risk not getting a card. I make one for everyone that asks here. +2 extra typically but not always the extras vary. No one owns (except Permanent Benefactors) a particular card. Hopefully if you slacked off or there is a screw up you can just trade for a particular card if you end up not getting it the one you wanted.' Corporate summary: Take the whole 2 minutes and ask. If it's not worth two minutes, you don't really want one. Hopefully none of the above will be necessary as everyone that wants a card IS GOING TO SAY THEY WANT A CARD HERE RIGHT? lol Hopefully none of the above will be super necessary and there will never be any drama over the theoretically "for fun" cards. (there never has been) But please request a card HERE if you want one.
  24. What Are You Thinking?

    All the time / energy / money (ok i dont have money, i have rapidly diminishing credit) that im spending/using to build this ecommerce website wont work out and ill jump off a cliff. *tries to keep at it* Must be up to liike 150 hours working on it or something, and im just barely getting started. Crazy how much work it takes. HOUSESPIRAL.COM is were its at as of right now.
  25. What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Would Not Fail?

    Play the lotto is the first thing that popped into my head.... hell..ALL the lottos.