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  1. Not doing well at all but ill do my best to be there this week. Miss you guys.
  2. Yay!
  3. Thats really rough. All my grandparents are gone the one i liked the most just passed very recently. It seems to my suprize that a lot of sligtly older than the kiddies types seem to equate the older days of city club and DGN as something that was just sort of mutual thing. Makes me feel better if nothing else. You have an RV? If its in good shape thats a great, often overlooked way to see the country. Be safe.
  4. Mom is a ptsd skeptic but totally out of character she buys me some shirts. I think even she is worriedworried.  what color is that shirt? Baby vomit?
  5. Just been hiding out in my cave. Nothing planned other than doc appointments and rental slave labor. Been here before, its very hard to snap out of. Never ends well if I dont get over it. I usually can just 'suck it up' but its not easy.
  6. Omfg my new psychiatrist sucks. Doesn't ask me anything. Doest even respond to hello. Didn't ask me a single question about my mental state. (Second time Ive seen him) gives me a THREE MONTH return visit. The last guy that quit who was awesome thought i was so 'at risk' that he had me in there every two weeks. Kinda scary.
  7. All I know is my SSD was redused and the only answer I can get is that there were changes in how its caculated. I know this year Regan fucked SSI from the grave. They made some deal way back when to get some bill passed that would make it harder to get SSI this year. Only thing I can come up with. Not that it matters, i was already below poverty debating between meds gas or food and trying to juggle some kind of actual enjoyment rather than just surviving. I dont even know how to juggle this tiny amount now. I guess giving up my car is the only real option. Which will make me go nuts.
  8. ... havent really slept in 2 days. Stomach is not happy...aaaand my below poverty income is now $150 less a month. Fml
  9. Fucked up the number so exausted/down more than usual the last few weeks. Just dont have the energy to re-make them.
  10. Thanks tron. Ive been so out of it health wise and PTSD wise Im having trouble doing things. Ill be at the gathering tommrow though if I have to just roll out of bed and go looking like sasquatch.
  11. I like it its cute/cool. I use the google calendar as my calendar, I just been feeling emotionally and physically (separate issues) like ass. Just trying to get back in gear. I've missed you guys a lot.
  12. Finished these half dead in a mad rush.
  13. I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 (3?) days. I normally have a mildly irritable stomach pretty much half the time I'm awake, it doesn't hurt that much its just annoying. Well saturday(?) night / sunday morning all the sudden my body from my stomach to my chest to my back to my shoulders all started hurting like hell. I was going to wait until monday but it started hurting really bad. Drove to the ER by the time I got to see a nurse the pain was so bad I couldn't HEAR (new one for me) all I could hear was the pain. I was throwing up tarry coffee grinds looking crap (and blood). Doctor in the ER (I was in and out of consciousness) said something like "we need to get him into surgery now-now not an hour from now" he asked me if I was ok with it and I muttered somehow something like "what If I refused?" doctor: that's not an option this is life threatening , your stomach acid is seeping out of your stomach into the rest of your body. The nurse that I can remember was yelling at me (I guess so I could hear it) that "you are going into shock". I was pretty much just silent or jibbering as far as I can tell with the pain, then with less pain and a meds cocktail making me loopy. So they stuck a tube down my throat way to many times, one of them was for the "procedure" of cauterizing the "perforation" not sure if hey used a laser or little yellow minions with blow torches. Apparently everything went well, but my stomach still hurts like hell and I've yet to actually get any real sleep. 12am 2 days after I got home still no sleep. UGH. Summary: F U UNIVERSE I LIVE! AGAIN!
  14. Half dead squirrel pulling himself across the patio. Was dead about 5 seconds after I got out there. Just got done burring him. Bumming me out more than I'd expect.