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    • I shall be there and would like a card please.
    • Will be there, dunno how late, but as per usual Jena will likely be there before me. Would like card.
    • I should be there and am requesting a card, please. 
    • The Gathering 84 The Red Apple Restaurant & Inn   32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184 <--- Directions via Google 7:30 Thursday, October 19th Really Big Sign Hard to miss.         A casual dinner time gathering in a "Denny's like" environment. 

      Club Attire Encouraged but not Required

      GLBT, Fashion Models, Cosplayers  Goths, DGNers, Ex DGNers Re-Goths, Goths for a day, Horror Movie and Sci Fi (especially SW, ST, BSG and GoT ofc fans.) MTG players. Ingressers. If you don't like hugs this is the wrong place. The spiritually inclined, Science & History buffs. General weirdos. Totally normal open-minded people.  All welcome. 

      Like all DGN events, this is NOT particularly kid friendly*. 

      Hope to see you there! Please invite any and all you think might be REMOTELY  interested!
      Bring a good attitude! Please help Invite! If you want a card ask!  If you really want one ask here in this topic.    *like DGN itself, this is not "kid friendly". You can bring them but No F-Bombs will be held back.  No sexual innuendos (or straight up sex talk) will be spared.  If you can't get a sitter and your kids are not SUPER well behaved leave them in a kennel at home with food & water.    This is NOT the place to post about how you're going somewhere else, or doing something else or intentionally not coming or some other BS.  Thanks.      That being said, Please help us get the word out!      Looking forward to seeing you!       If you would like one of our weekly "The Gathering" cards (Some Examples). Ask in person at The Red Apple <--- key step.    *If you really want to make sure you get one. Just ask here (not in the FB page, that will be futile) and make sure you show up before me.   Some time after I walk in the door and whoever has asked for a card (here) has priority. **       Cards Fine Print **If for some reason there are not enough cards to go around  (There are typically only 7) 1.  Ask at the gathering for a card (first come first serve, with the below exceptions) 2. If your name is not in this topic I'll hold off until someone who does have their name IS in this topic asks for a card.  3. Asking in this topic means you have priority over someone who has not, everyone that asks here (should) get one before someone who has not. 4. I'll hold one for Permanent Benefactors until it's clear they aren't coming if they've asked here.  (If you are unsure what this is don't worry about it or have a look here) 5.  If you've asked here, just ask at the gathering and you should get a card with no problem.  6.  The order in which you ask here is vaguely "sooner you ask the higher priority" but is very hard to keep track of.  If you wait until less than 24 hours before the event you risk not getting a card. I make one for everyone that asks here. +2 extra typically but not always the extras vary. No one owns (except Permanent Benefactors) a particular card. Hopefully if you slacked off or there is a screw up you can just trade for a particular card if you end up not getting it the one you wanted.'   Corporate summary:  Take the whole 2 minutes and ask. If it's not worth two minutes, you don't really want one.   Hopefully none of the above will be necessary as everyone that wants a card IS GOING TO SAY THEY WANT A CARD HERE RIGHT?  lol         Hopefully none of the above will be super necessary and there will never be any drama over the theoretically "for fun" cards.  (there never has been)      But please request a card HERE if you want one.
    • OK, I'm a firm believer of "Everything happens for a reason", but today took the cake. I had several errands to run today: Dr. Appt, Post Office, Med Run and Cat Food Pick up. After returning from a doctor's appointment in Southfield, I took Trene to my favorite Mc Donald's for lunch.  I was worried because their drive thru service has gone downhill in the past 2 months, but they are still better than the ones near us.  And sure enough, after returning home we discovered they had messed up Trene's order.  They substituted Sriracha sauce for Sweet BBQ sauce (BIG DIFFERENCE) so I had to brave going home traffic to return it.  The good thing is they are good about fixing their mistakes with no hassle at this particular McDonald's.  So I go back through the drive thru and they took the messed up order and gave me a new one.  And like before, I checked it...they messed up again.  This time I was still in the parking lot so I was able to go inside.  I showed the messed up order to the cashier, but I informed him that I would keep it so they didn't have to keep making free food for me and that I wanted to place a new order of the same burger.  I checked it before I left the building...success! When I got back to the house I gave Trene her order and nuggets I ordered for the kids (just in case they didn't like the Egg Strata we picked up at the Milano Bakery for dinner), but by this time, it was too late to go to the post office, however, I still needed to pick up Trene's meds.  So I mentioned that I had better not go back to my house or I might end up staying and since we now had so much food, I said I would try to make myself eat the messed up burger and drink the free Coke they gave me.  I put the extra food in the truck and headed for CVS. When I got to CVS, I had to go inside (instead of using the drive thru) due to the fact that now I had to pick up a bag of cat food due to the fact that my "Repeat Order" seems to be running late this month and I ran out of dry cat food Monday morning (although the cats did not seem to mind eating cans of meat).  So since Trene's meds were originally ready on Sunday, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, thus, I did the CVS run for meds and dry cat food today after the doctor's appointment (due to the McDonald's incident, the Post Office run was a bust).  Once I had parked, I noted that none of the ice had melted in the free Coke so I moved it to a cup holder out of the sun.  All I could think was, "Wow, that's new, all you ice friends would've been melted by now."  I jumped out of the truck and headed inside. When I got the the counter, the pharmacist informed me that another one of Trene's meds was coming up for refill if I wanted to wait for it.  I agreed.  After picking up the meds and buying the pet food I headed out to the parking lot, past a guy that was sitting on the ground alongside the wall just outside the door.  It sounded like he said hello, so I greeted him in turn.  I hopped in my truck and began the routine med check.  Sure enough, a mistake!  I was down by half an entire pill order and that was no good so now I had to go back inside to fix this.  I felt bad having to walk back past the same guy sitting there because I didn't hear what he had side to me the first time so I felt like I had blown him off. When I got back to the counter again, the pharmacists realized the error and immediately corrected it.  When I walked out and headed to my truck, the man sitting outside saw me and said nothing.  I realized he was panhandling.  Once I ensured my order was correct, I couldn't bring myself to just drive away.  Something was nagging at me and all I could think was I wish I had something to give him.  Then I remembered the burger I was going to force myself to eat.  I pulled my truck up next to where the man was sitting, I leaned out the door with the McDonald's bag and asked, "Is this OK?"  He waved me forward saying something I couldn't comprehend.  I told him it was a burger and he pulled out some money saying he really had needed something like a dollar to get something to drink.  I said unfortunately I didn't carry money to give to him.  I stepped back to the truck and saw the cold Coke with the straw still wrapped next to it.  I grabbed them and headed back to the guy and asked if this was OK.  He motioned me forward again this time saying clearly, "Thank you, thank you." I left feeling so thankful that I had left the food in the truck and had not tried to force myself to eat it so it wouldn't go to waste.  Then all I could think was that was a long way to go to insure I had something to help that guy out with today...
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