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  2. I'm surprised they don't actualy sell it. With all the other crap they carry to rice up cars you'd think they'd jump right on that.
  3. Not planning on it. I came down with a sore throat and general weakness Tuesday morning that hasn't gone away fully. Since even if I do feel up to it I don't want to take the chance of a contagion lingering on I'm skipping this week. That's assuming it doesn't get worse again. Hopefully this is done by the weekend because I have gigs to go do :/
  4. Trust fund, correct. I also trust the government to fuck us all over.
  5. Strange because even Trump is now saying he doesn't want to cut SSD, SS, Medicare and Medicaid. As it stands, the bill won't pass the house because of some of the cuts you mentioned. It is getting too confusing anymore in Washington because they keep changing what they say everytime they are asked a question. Sad part is is that social security IS NOT a government handout like some people think. It is a trust fund that is funded by the taxes taken out of our paychecks. The government was not to be able to borrow from it but somehow someone found a loophole or just ignored the rules and took money from it to balance the budget and fund pet projects. It is time for Washington to take pay cuts and start returning the money they borrowed. If our new president wants to prove he is for all the people and not just the rich, then he needs to prove it by fixing, not removing the programs we need to help Americans and quit sending all that money they send overseas. if he wants us to believe his America first then it is time to put up otherwise he will just prove he is nothing more than an ass who is just as bad if not worse that the career politicians he bitched about. Which with all the removal of regulations to protect the environment, regulations to get the auto industry to make cars more fuel efficient and others makes the public believe all he is after is to make the rich richer on the backs of the poor.
  6. I just finally got the headache from hell of SSD medicare and at long last JUST qualified for and got me out of the -negative 400 a month to just have to debate between food or gas range. If the bill passes , poof...I'm fucked. Bye bye medicade. According to our Governor Rick Snyder (a republican who is against the bill) I will no longer qualify for medicade (because I make too much since I actually worked for a living and my disability pay which is shit, is not shitty enough for the new bill. (You get different disability pay based on how much you worked) I spent months restructuring all these related things and getting rid of some things I can't get back because medicade covers them. A lowball guess is I'll effectively lose 30% of my already can't really afford gas income. That was put out by the UAW but will work for anyone. You just put in your zip code and it connects you to your particular House Representative. I got a text message from the AFL-CIO thankging me for opposing the bill. Sad part was John Conyers inbox was full.
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  8. Go to O'Reilly's auto parts website and in the search bar put in 121g and hit search and get an interesting response and the only item to show should make you laugh.
  9. There are exactly 8 of these as they are printed on the last sheet we have. I didn't want to risk cutting into the 'house spiral' (dgn, the gathering, related) kitty buying more cardstock as we risk being unable to pay a key bill next week if I did that. I'd just buy it myself but I litterally this month cant really even afford gas. The upside is these are the only card-carrying (clever huh) 'goth cards' I think we have ever had, as such they will be the lowest demand cards so far lol.
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  11. Something feels bad. My heart has sunk into the pit of my stomach.
  12. Got crap sleep. Sold some collectables to a guy down the street thinking I would use the money for an oil change, forgot about a bill that is incoming and a higher priority. Bah. Lol. Saw the therapist , that went fine, it usually does. Tripped over some junk in my room and landed in a pile of clothes and stuffed animals so it worked out ok. Have slave labor to do around the house, not done with it all yet.
  13. Damn it, I seriously cannot afford the insurance :(
  14. Playlist: Sumo -Hatsu (January) Basho 2017
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  16. About to contact the doctor's office regarding missing prescriptions and Comcast regarding a missing cable box.
  17. Entertaining cats with a container of mega trail mix I made.
  18. Looking forward to this 50+ degree weather today. Hopefully there won't be too much sun so I can actually get some work done...else I shall have to erect the sunshade = more prep time less work.
  19. I will be there and am requesting a card, please.
  20. Cool "Total Posts" number...
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  22. It's interesting, I found "Where to Invade Next" a film by Michael Moore. Is this the same thing?
  23. You should watch 'Were To Invade Next' by Roger Moore. Strangely other than like the first 8 minutes there's nothing controversial and nothing about war. He just goes around the world 'invading' good ideas. It's one thing to hear how things (positive! Gasp! Lol) are done in other places, it's more like a hey! That's real? Omg. Almost a tear jerker in an odd way. It's free on Hulu or Amazon prime.
  24. Me and the Monchichis will be there. And I too am requesting a card to further my growing collection of DGN memorabilia. Please and Thank You...
  25. My cat plays with dead batteries... It's like she can smell them, they are more addictive than catnip...she pulls them out of the woodwork where they have laid dormant for decades and BAM...instant toy. ...If you look at it from an economical viewpoint, saves on the cost of toys and catnip...
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