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  2. About to head down to the recycling center.
  3. I wonder if I should try for a nap and start again in about an hour...
  4. Trying to work on bills and process orders, but my brain is falling to sleep.
  5. I totally understand. We are currently living as participants of a similar situation and we have family who have done the exact same thing to their kids while we were growing up. It is hard on the offspring. I try to stay positive, but I'm just crazy like that, because everyone is their own person and will recall situations according to how they remember them regardless of the true toll it took. After all is said and done and the person in question has finished their "All About Me" show, I always hear the same things, "I did the best I could with what I had" and "You don't know what it was like..." So as hard as it is I try not to be bitter because I think what if I had done the same thing as them, but felt like I did a top notch job because I kept in touch, but then couldn't figure out why people thought of me the way they would be doing. Life is hard and some people feel like they "made a mistake" and decide to start over regardless of the repercussions and still feel they should be welcomed just because they are family. ...sorry if that got I've experienced enough stuff for 2 or 3 lifetimes and the world starts to get a bit monochrome at times.
  6. Um... On a more upbeat note, I'm looking forward to finally meeting you.
  7. We've been missing you too. I really miss your cozy hugs.
  8. I will be there and I am requesting a card please, thank you.
  9. Yeah okay. I have a strange relationship with my mother. There is a history behind it. She wanted a kid but didn't want to have to do the parenting if you know what I mean. So she sent me off to stay with grandma so she could do her own thing. So now it is like she doesn't really feel like she is my mom so to speak. It is kind of hard to explain. She also likes to party and I was never into that sort of thing. So she only likes to hang out with people who like to party. I am more of a stay home watch Netflix, take care of my kid, and play computer games person. She has a "man friend" that she hangs out with. She never invites me over for holidays cause she is always doing something with her "man friend." She will say to me "Me and Norm are having Thanksgiving together,where are you going for Thanksgiving?" So I just do my own thing. She pops by once in a while, drops off some food item she does not want. Tells me what her and her "man friend" are doing that day then leaves. That's it. It is just the way things are between us and I accepted it. Well thanks for letting me talk that all out.
  10. I had to laugh at myself...I spent the entire time that I viewed this video saying, "Slow down!" repeatedly before reminding myself that I was watching a video of incidents that had already taken place.
  11. Driving to nowhere! Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails, Extreme Driving Fails on Cars & Trucks "Published on Mar 2, 2017 Driving to nowhere! Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails, Extreme Driving Fails on Cars & Trucks - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!" I find it interesting that the worse the roads and visibility become the faster the driver drives as if they are the ONLY person in the entire World who decided to take that particular road. So if they can't see anything up ahead, there must not be anything up ahead. What gets me is how shocked and upset some of these drivers became at being in their current situation after driving headlong into what they obviously could not have fathomed was even the slightest bit of a crisis situation.
  12. Believe it or not, but that is her way of keeping in touch. It's kinda like - nudge, nudge just letting you know I know you are still alive and so am I. Unfortunately, the things that are said during those harmless interactions is as Scary Guy said, "One person is always going to care more than the other." Although you have gotten used to using a catchphrase to deal with it, don't lose heart. Make each conversation feel equally important and appear to be separate and stand on it's own. In her head, she is reaching out to you and showing that she cares. To you, it may seem like empty promises never to be fulfilled. During my college years, I had gotten that way with one of my aunts. We would speak on the phone and I knew there was work she wanted me to do for her, but I also knew that my studies wouldn't allow for it. So during our conversations, I would mention those little projects so she would know that I hadn't forgotten about them and the call always ended with some talk of a future visit. I am glad that time did eventually permit me to get back over to see her and do some projects around her house for nowadays, she is very ill and fragile and living on oxygen which is very different from the strong, independent woman I have known my entire life.
  13. Kar's Salted Caramel Delight mixed with Meijer Traditional Trail Mix
  14. 16oz Ripit A'tomic Pom with Herbalife24 CR7-Drive: Acai Berry
  15. Like more sleep is needed...
  16. Listed under "The 6 Types of Crappy Hugs" I never
  17. Also, don't lose heart. You do have a support system at your disposal. Use generously...
  18. I was just about to suggest the same thing as Scary Guy. When I have issues or concerns with any of my ward's doctors, I go for a second opinion elsewhere, request referrals and, if it comes to it, remove my ward from that physician's care. I refuse to have those in my care treated as a paycheck, but I also don't play with the needs of their well-being. It's a fine line to walk decisionwise, but don't get complacent due to familiarity.
  19. Greetings and may I officially Welcome you to DGN! Please feel free to poke around and join in. And if you should need any assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know. And...per tradition: *drum roll* Quote The DGN (welcome) Questions 2.1 ™ ©Formerly the "S.D.G.N.W.Q.P.S." The Standard Detroit Gothic . Net Welcome Questions Polls and Suggestions 1.7b Feel free to ignore anything you feel uncomfortable sharing, dont have the energy for or have covered already. We are just friendly, if a bit nosey. And we ask these same questions fairly often as you may have noticed. Current location? Where from? Gender? Work? School? Kids? Married? Single? Hobbies?How Did You Find / hear about DGN? How did you pick your DGN name? Other Stuff?Additional ideas / questions:Add yourself to the DGN member map!If you live close enough, are old enough (18+ for City Club) and/or are ever in town you may want to check out:"DGN Night"Or you can find out about other events near your area with theThe Events CalenderSome folk also enjoy our random pot of:Quizzes & Polls !How did you hear about DGN? PollAnd we can always use help finding new friendly people. Help us out and drag em on over! If you have a website / personal journal link to us!
  20. Not doing well at all but ill do my best to be there this week. Miss you guys.
  21. Yay!
  22. Maybe the new guy thinks you're doing so well you don't need to go that often? I mean it's only more money for him if you do. Then again many are idiots and can only make educated guesses and try to level out the brain chemistry with medication. Although science has learned much more in the last 100 years, it still knows very little about how the brain works. Try to stay positive, and if you feel you need a new doctor then go find one.
  23. I do that when I dream, hell I do that when I'm awake, but at least the autism is mild enough where I can function properly in the actual world. Though I much prefer my own, as they know me there.
  24. Lots of people are like that. I do similar things myself though I mean well. Things just get in the way or I don't feel up to it, but the thought of doing the thing is nice. I'm really bad about keeping in contact with friends (although that's a two way street and they could call more too.) Other people don't even have to be involved, as personal projects can take the back burner too. So much I want to get done, and so much time to do it in, but so little motivation to actually do it. Of course the hard thing about friends/family is that we might not mean as much to them as they mean to us. One person is always going to care more than the other.
  25. Yep, that's a person
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