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  3. What are you about to go do?

  4. The Gathering 76

    Falcon tribe will be there as long as the Apple accepts my credit card. And may I please have a card
  5. So if you had the opportunity to start your own cult with no restrictions and you as the leader.... what would it be like, what odd things would be in it, how would it be described, what king of strange things would have?
  6. What Are You Thinking?

    There is a ways to go today.
  7. what are you doing right now?

    Making breakfast bags and lunch bento.
  8. What are you about to go do?

    About to take care of several To-Dos: Make med packs Print labels Give nephew his gift for a job well done Load packing tape and moving blankets in the truck Start laundry Prepare for final move out of Moe's family's belongings If time permits, get gas for the lawnmower
  9. what are you doing right now?

    Currently getting this day started. Eating breakfast and processing labels.
  10. 12:00am - Who's Online 2 Members, 0 Anonymous, 6 Guests (See full list) TronRP Draco1958
  11. The Gathering 76

    I shall be attending this gathering and would appreciate a card please.
  12. The Gathering 76

    Me and the Monchichis should be there. Requesting a card please and thank you with much appreciation. Do hope we will get the chance to see you there.
  13. Jessica Blue is the realtor closing the deal on the house. Papers will be signed on Monday.
  14. Good to hear! and thanks to tron! Although the cryptic details make it harder to say anything else. Other than who is jessica? This reads like a text message past the first post. hehe. Not that I mind. I'm happy if you guys are happy.
  15. The Gathering 76

    The Gathering 76 The Red Apple Restaurant & Inn 32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184 <--- Directions via Google 7:30 Thursday, August 24th. Really Big Sign Hard to miss. A casual dinner time gathering in a "Denny's like" environment. Club Attire Encouraged but not Required GLBT, Fashion Models, Cosplayers Goths, DGNers, Ex DGNers Re-Goths, Goths for a day, Horror Movie and Sci Fi (especially SW, ST, BSG and GoT ofc fans.) MTG players. Ingressers. If you dont like hugs this is the wrong place. The spiritually inclined, Science & History buffs. General weirdos. Totally normal open minded people. All welcome. Like all DGN events this is NOT particularly kid friendly*. Hope to see you there! Please invite any and all you think might be REMOTELY interested! Bring a good attitude! Please help Invite! If you want a card ask! If you really want one ask here in this topic. *like DGN itself, this is not "kid friendly". You can bring them but No F-Bombs will be held back. No sexual innuendos (or straight up sex talk) will be spared. If you can't get a sitter and your kids are not SUPER well behaved leave them in a kennel at home with food & water. This is NOT the place to post about how you're going somewhere else, or doing something else or intentionally not coming or some other BS. Thanks. That being said, Please help us get the word out! Looking forward to seeing you! If you would like one of our weekly "The Gathering" cards (Some Examples). Ask in person at The Red Apple <--- key step. *If you really want to make sure you get one. Just ask here (not in the FB page, that will be futile) and make sure you show up before me. Some time after I walk in the door and whoever has asked for a card (here) has priority. ** Cards Fine Print **If for some reason there are not enough cards to go around (There are typically only 7) 1. Ask at the gathering for a card (first come first serve, with the below exceptions) 2. If your name is not in this topic I'll hold off until someone who does have their name IS in this topic asks for a card. 3. Asking in this topic means you have priority over someone who has not, everyone that asks here (should) get one before someone who has not. 4. I'll hold one for Permanent Benefactors until it's clear they aren't coming if they've asked here. (If you are unsure what this is don't worry about it or have a look here) 5. If you've asked here, just ask at the gathering and you should get a card with no problem. 6. The order in which you ask here is vaguely "sooner you ask the higher priority" but is very hard to keep track of. If you wait until less than 24 hours before the event you risk not getting a card. I make one for everyone that asks here. +2 extra typically but not always the extras vary. No one owns (except Permanent Benefactors) a particular card. Hopefully if you slacked off or there is a screw up you can just trade for a particular card if you end up not getting it the one you wanted.' Corporate summary: Take the whole 2 minutes and ask. If it's not worth two minutes, you don't really want one. Hopefully none of the above will be necessary as everyone that wants a card IS GOING TO SAY THEY WANT A CARD HERE RIGHT? lol Hopefully none of the above will be super necessary and there will never be any drama over the theoretically "for fun" cards. (there never has been) But please request a card HERE if you want one.
  16. The Gathering 75 - Jennifer's Birthday

    Pic-tures-pic-tures! I started getting ready but my damn body doesn't listen to me. So Frustrating. :(
  17. OK. So as it stands, I should be there on Eclipse Day to meet with Jessica at your signing. Currently, I am making arrangements for the PackRat container to have a new point of destination since the Roseville zip code was hardwired into the original paperwork. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly as far as getting you settled in you new location and insuring the old location is marketable. This weekend will mainly be used for securing items into the container for shipping purposes and other items that will be needed at the time of your move to be loaded into the flatbed of my truck. Clothing, electronics, beds/bedding and food items should travel in available vehicles to be unloaded the day you walk in the door of your new lair. I will have the PackRat container ready for relocation shortly after that.
  18. Last week
  19. I contacted Madame Jessica to let her know I will need to make final arrangements with her regarding getting "certain" areas photo ready. I will still be coming to do move out this weekend, but as far as finalizing paint and...patchwork...I will have to have certain 2 legged and 4 legged little ones away from the new work. I told her I could speak with her during your signing on Monday to insure we are on the same page.
  20. What are you about to go do?

    Getting ready to take the nephew in for a recasting at Children's Hospital.
  21. No problem. If need be, I will tarp everything in the back yard asap and get the bedroom walls painted. The kitty scratch wall may just be painted as an accent black strip to match the hallway. Anyone moving in can deal with it. I will keep Jessica in the loop on the progress even if I have to "stage" an area for her to take the pictures. So exciting...
  22. Any little bits you need to do need done. Per Jessica too.. sorry.
  23. Tron knows more, but The Falcons sign papers on their new lair Monday at 2pm. We owe her our lives.
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